ESSERE as in Ben-ESSERE - Italian for Wellness

essere BIO|SPA organic products are the result of a long experience in exclusive Spas in the heart of Tuscany. Inspired by love for Nature, pure Tuscan ingredients and created for an international audience passionate about organic cosmetics with a holistic approach to wellness, our first line essere BIO|SPA is inspired by Etruscan wisdom and uses the same ingredients as the beauty products of ancient times. Pure marine salt from the Tyrrhenian coast, essential rose oil, precious resins such as myrrh but also Tuscan olive oil, almond and grape-seed oils.
The beauty line has been created using a formula entirely designed by Anastasia Oka, Spa Technical Manager, a Pharmaceutical Chemistry graduate specialized in phytotherapy, in collaboration with Chiara Borghesi, Biologist and Naturopath – Spa & Wellness Consultant specialized in Aromatherapy. Chiara and Anastasia, while working in Spas in Tuscany, in collaboration with local Museums and Archaeological Societies, collected information and ancient recipes demonstrating the deep knowledge about herb and oil properties the Etruscans had, both for food use and as natural and cosmetic remedies.

The ingredients of Tuscany

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