Anastasia Oka

Pharmaceutical Chemistry graduate specialized in Phytotherapy

The legend recalls that the worship of beauty has been deep rooted in italian society for about 3000 years. The etruscans were the first people who gave significance and value to beauty itself. The stress towards beauty, the research in clothing and the style of the etruscan people aimed to achieve that absolute order and harmony which belonged to the supernatural , to the divine element. And so, the typical italian style that today the whole world envies and imitates has been passed down from the etruscans over 3000 years.

The cosmetic line has been accomplished using an interesting formula studied by Anastasia OCA. The bio products are the result of a long experience in an exclusive spa in the heart of tuscany. Inspired by the love for nature, adopting pure tuscan ingredients and created for an international clientele, keen on biological cosmetics, with a holistic approach to well-being. The first cosmetic line ESSERE is inspired by the etruscan wisdom and use of the very same ingredients of the beauty products of ancient times… essential oils of rose, fine resins like myrrh but even tuscan olive oil, almonds and grapes.

Creative workshops in the footsteps of the etruscans
The first project of a workshop recuperating the ancient knowledge tied to well-being was brought about through the passion for herbs, oils natural cosmetics and obviously too, the love for the tuscan territory by Anastasia OCA and Chiara BORGHESI. The workshop offers not only a fascinating experience of scents but also the creation of cosmetic products and herbal teas of the territory, to be used at home just like in a spa in total safety. At the end of the experience each person will take home bespoke products created during the workshop.

Today the tradition perpetuates, for a limited production the methods are the same as those used by our etruscan ancestors, everything prepared is based on raw natural materials of high quality. The essences which derive from myrrh, an earthy scent, and the rose with a sweet intoxicating perfume. Together create a fusion which appeals to both man and woman.

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