Anastasia Oka

Spa Technical Manager and a Pharmaceutical Chemistry graduate specialized in Phytotherapy

Chiara Borghesi

Biologist and Naturopath –
Spa & Wellness Consultant
specialized in Aromatherapy

Olimpia Sacareanu

Web Designer & Marketing
Web Developer​


The beauty line, currently includes body scrubs, face masks, hair & skin oils, cleansing milks, tonic waters and anti-ageing creams, and it has been created using a formula entirely designed by Dr. Anastasia Oka, Spa Technical Manager, a Pharmaceutical Chemistry graduate specialized in phytotherapy, in collaboration with Dr. Chiara Borghesi, Biologist and Naturopath – Spa & Wellness Consultant specialized in Aromatherapy.
While studying the Etruscan cosmetology and creating their own beauty products, Chiara and Anastasia also established a natural cosmetic workshop. A practical laboratory in the footsteps of the Etruscans where, together with essential aromatherapy notions and herbalism, they teach lovers of natural products to use ingredients which are easily found and accessible in nature to safely create home-made face and body products.
The workshop – Nature at your Fingertips – is currently available, in both Italian and English, as a “traveling workshop” – to be set up in various locations on request.


essereperte is an international Team including, besides Anastasia , from Russia, and Chiara, who lives between Italy and England, Olimpia, marketing & web designer based in France.
From their passion for herbalism, aromatherapy and organic beauty products, a project was born, aiming to bring back to life and protect the local ancient knowledge linked to wellness with a common thread that connects everything to Tuscany.
It was Chiara’s Tuscany blog that started this project aiming to share a great passion for this region and its culture. You can find out more information in the blog at the section Tuscany Fragrant Pharmacy.